2024 began with concerns about a slowing economy and inflation, causing potential investors to hesitate when considering large expenditures like golf club memberships. As a result, prices have been declining. Currently, sellers are holding out for higher prices, while buyers are seeking discounts. However, as the market adjusts, sellers will eventually lower their prices, and the market will rebound, leading to a resurgence in prices over time.

In the meantime, golfers, don’t let market fluctuations disrupt your love for the game! Continue to enjoy your golf outings and take advantage of the opportunity to travel to nearby countries for golfing adventures through pay-and-play options. Make new friends and cherish the experiences while waiting for prices to stabilize.

We continue to remind potential buyers that they should take note of when each club’s current land lease expires. One cannot assume that leases will be renewed as a matter of routine. History has shown clubs having to close after a lease was not renewed, and others where leases were only renewed for some of the land, causing courses to have to be modified or closed down. As such, buyers should always be prepared for either of these outcomes when choosing a club.