• The major clubs have seen prices rise to record levels in 2023, with Sentosa foreign individual membeships reaching almost $1 million.
  • On the other hand, we have seen a weakening in demand, likely driven by fears of a recession.
  • Sentosa continues to be viewed as the premier club in Singapore, with prices reflecting this fact.
  • SICC has benefited from the the opening of the new Bukit club house, which will feature a variety of new dining and recreation facilities, and the Island Course redevelopment that will start later this year.
  • TMCC and Seletar have also seen strong price increases this year.
  • Buyers should always be aware of the remaining land lease periods at the various clubs when making buying decisions. While prices are likely to drop as leases near their end, buyers should ensure they are comfortable with the prospect of only being able to play at those clubs for the remaining lease period.