It was an excellent year for those selling golf memberships in 2021. Sellers realised good returns on their membership as demand was strong from buyers. Interest in tee times at most clubs were also extremely high, resulting in difficulties making bookings. Most golfers had to settle for fewer games than they would like to play each week.

As a result of this demand for golf, the price for memberships at most clubs is likely to rise in 2022. The club with the highest interest continues to be Sentosa Golf Club, where memberships keep appreciating due to a shortage of sellers.

SICC also saw high membership price increases, peaking at $300K last year. With Keppel taking over the SICC Sime course, we can anticipate disruptions as more golfers compete for parking, the driving range and F&B. This crowding is expected to continue until SICC’s new social club house opens at the end of 2022 or 2023. However, those facilities and the newly opened three 9-hole courses at the New Course, should help the value of these memberships to rise.

TMCC is gradually appreciating in value as well. It is a club which offers good value for golfers seeking new memberships. Laguna Golf Club memberships are also in demand due to its immaculate courses, country club facilities and luxurious hotel accommodations. Seletar, Warren and OCC continue to experience high interest, with a steady exchange of memberships sales.

For those seeking to purchase memberships in 2022, prices will continue to be much higher than in pre-pandemic times due to limited availability. We recommend that individuals consider carefully before purchasing new memberships due to the inflated prices. Golfers can pay to play at public courses and with friends who are members at the various clubs, allowing for time to evaluate the pros and cons of membership. We anticipate prices of memberships will stabilize if borders stay open and restrictions are eased. Also, as golfers venture overseas to play, demand for local golfing flights should ease, making it easier for everyone to play more games.

Please visit the various club websites for more detailed information on their courses and facilities.

Singolf wishes everyone good golfing in the year ahead. Enjoy your friendships, take care and keep your masks on!