The closure of JCC and the pending closure of RCC (in 2018) and Keppel (in 2021) will likely lead to an increased demand for membership in other clubs. The expected demand is not organic but an addition to the existing buyers’ pool. This may well cause prices to rise, more so in the club membership of choice.

The golf membership prices are driven by, and therefore reflect, supply and demand. The Price Charts on our website are thus self-explanatory. Admittedly the charts cover only three clubs, SICC, Sentosa and TMCC. Nevertheless, we believe they more or less mirror the overall landscape.

The young and upwardly mobile tend to gravitate towards the more prestigious clubs.

On the other hand, the older generation of members are selling their memberships. The realisable prices for the prestigious club memberships are more useful and valuable to them in their old age than merely holding on to their memberships, which also attract the compulsory monthly fees regardless of usage.


8 April 2017 was the closing date for payment of the top-up contribution fee ($19,000 + GST). Members who paid the fee would have their club memberships extended to 31/12/2040. Those who did not pay the fee will have their club membership terminated on the expiry date of both the Garden and Tampines sites which is 31/12/2021.

The price of TMCC is expected to reflect the top-up contribution fee component.

The Club is renovating its Tampines Course. When completed and open for play, its memberships are expected to improve in value.


The price of Sentosa appreciated because of the completion of the newly renovated Tanjong Course which is now open for play.

Sentosa caters to the golfer. The price is higher in spite of its lack of social facilities. This is because the courses are always well-maintained and in top condition.


Still, the club of choice because of its social and country club facilities for the whole family.